THE Epicenter of Chiropractic 

Creating the REVOLUTION
Chiropractors all across the country and around the world are starving.  They are starving for unity, comaraderie and a brotherhood and sisterhood in our profession.  Enter, EPOC, the EPicenter of Chiropractic.  This group was formed in 2007 in my basement which is now infamously known as, the Dungeon (my name, is Dr. Troy Dukowitz, the founder of EPOC).  The group was formed to bring chiropractors together.  I once heard Larry Markson say, "the chiropractic profession is the only professoin that circles the wagons and fires inward".  So after attending philosophy groups in California I realized that I had to come home to the midwest and step up and play bigger for chiropracTIC! 

In that four hour flight home, the vision for EPOC was created.  The goal, 100 groups across the country and around the world.  When we hit that number we will all be under one umbrella known as ROC ~ the Republic of ChiropracTIC.  This is not just for EPOC but ALL principled philopsophy groups and chiropracTORs.  WE will fight for the principle, share the message and work together to help more chiropracTORs so that in turn we can help more people. 

The first step in making this happen is to come together.  So if you came upon this site as a referral, please go to the "find a group page" and consider this your referral source to getting involved. If you are surfing and found us by, "accident" then consider this your wake up call to get involved and dipped in your community with other,
likeminded chiropractors.  There is an EPOC leader in your community just waiting for you to join our family, so make the call today and let's make a difference.

The time is now for us to step up and play big.  If we don't do it, no one else will.

God Bless, love and light,
Troy "the duke" Dukowitz,
Godfather, EPOC